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Home of Integrated on the Sunshine Coast. Our fully comprehensive program makes MMA training available to all levels of fitness and experience, covering all components of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) in a world class facility. With a friendly team atmosphere and supportive coaching, it's easy to see why the Integrated team have produced over 30 Champions on a national and international level, and have been at the top of the sport since the birth of the team over 10 years ago.


mixed martial arts (mma) fight show and training at Integrated MMA on the sunshine coast, kawana.

Class Times

MMA Times
6:30 - 7:30pm Striking Women's Only
Striking Striking Submission
7:30 - 8:30pm Submission
Big Dog
Security Training
(Invite Only)

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Our Classes

striking classes. hitting pads and sparring with beginners and pros.


Learn the stand up elements of Mixed Martial Arts. These classes cover techniques from Martial Arts like Boxing and Muay Thai. After gaining experience in these classes, aspects of wrestling will also be added to gain a larger understanding of striking in MMA.

Striking Breakdown
submmission wrestling at the integrated gym on the sunny coast. beginners having fun and training bjj (jiu jitsu)

Submission Wrestling

Learn the Grappling component of Mixed Martial Arts. In these classes you will learn throws, trips & takedowns from Martial Arts like Judo, Wrestling and Sambo. You will also learn ground sweeps, escapes, submissions and control from Martial Arts like Catch Wrestling and Brazillian Jui Jitsu (BJJ).

Submission Wrestling Breakdown
open mat training. hitting bags and practicing with training mates.

Open Mat

These classes are more relaxed then your typical class format. They create an opportunity to focus on specific techniques or areas of your training at your own pace while under the supervision of an instructor.

Our Instructor

  • rob giuffrida. Head Mixed martial arts coach at the Integrated MMA & Fitness gym on the Sunshine Coast.

    Rob Giuffrida is the head coach at our Sunny Coast gym. He is an instructor under Dan Higgins and Adrian Pang. Rob trains regularly with the pro fight team at Integrated MMA HQ in Stafford, Brisbane. Rob has over 20 years Martial Arts experience, he has competed as a professional athlete and trained national champions.

    - Rob Giuffrida

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